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How to get an invoice paid – Follow our simple 10-step plan

Chasing an unpaid invoice is never easy, but every business, large or small has to deal with it from time to time. How do you chase unpaid invoices? When you’ve completed work that the client is happy with, they should then pay for your services within a reasonable time frame. That is how the wheels […]

How to chase an invoice payment – The 3 very best practices

Thankfully, a majority of invoices are settled without any issues, but now and again, every business encounters a potential late or defaulted payment. So, what are the best practices to follow to ensure a positive outcome? Here’s our 3 top tips when chasing an invoice payment… 1. Research your client Firstly, do some checks to […]

Why & when should I use a debt recovery company?

Sooner or later, every business is faced with the dilemma of a customer who refuses to pay and who ignores all efforts to make settlement. If yours is a fairly new business it may be the first time you have experienced the problem of late payment and have had to consider debt recovery action, even […]

10 excuses for not paying on time, & how to deal with them

At some point, all businesses encounter a client who is determined to give them the run around. Here’s our top 10 excuses for not paying an invoice, and how best to deal with them… 1. “The cheque is in the post” Yes, this old chestnut is still in use. However, this excuse only really works […]

Cash flow is king in every business – 5 simple tips to stay on top

Billions of pounds are written off by UK businesses each year because of late payers. It’s almost become the norm for big businesses to hang smaller businesses out to dry, and not pay them for long periods of time in the hope that they go the wall and they can they hopefully then cut a […]

The perfect invoice wording for immediate payment

Creating invoices that encourage immediate payment sounds great in theory, but you’re probably wondering the best way to accomplish this in practice. Use a professional template How do you invoice your clients? If the answer is by sending them a plain email stating their balance and due date, it’s time to change it up. Requesting […]